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GS Soil



What is GS Soil ?

The eContentplus project GS Soil aims at achieving "Assessment and strategic development of INSPIRE compliant Geodata-Services for European Soil Data". The project started on 01/06/2009 and will last until 31/05/2012.

The purpose of  GS Soil is :
  • to develop a Best Practice Network with data themes listed in the annexes I to III of the INSPIRE-directive
  • focus on SOIL related issues
  • to improve harmonisation, accessibility, ... of national soil datasets within Europe

In order to accomplish this a European network of 34 partners out of 18 EU member states was established.

To work as efficiently as possible, the project consists of different work packages and work groupes. Have a look at the overview offered below for more detailed information on the work packages. 

Work packages
» WP 1: Management of the project
» WP 2: Identification of specific and generic requirements for soil information, services and products
» WP 3: Focus on data management and metadata issues
» WP 4: Development of a framework that enables existing soil datasets to be linked up from one country to another
» WP 5: Technical design and realisation of the GS Soil Portal
» WP 6: Identification of requirements of data provision for different target groups - design of testing scenarios - definition of criteria for evaluation
» WP 7: Focus on knowledge transfer, communication, ...

For more and updated information, please have a look at the project website :

Role of LNE-ALBON within GS Soil

One of the partners of DOV, LNE-ALBON (Department of Environment, Nature and Energy - Land and Soil Protection, Subsoil and Natural Resources Division), is involved in the GS Soil project. 
Effort will be made for each work package, but DOV focusses mainly on WP 4 (Harmonisation and Semantic Operability) and 5 (Establishment of an Integrated Network and Soil Portal).
For WP 2 and 3 the Land and Soil Protection Service will deliver a lot of input.

Newsletters GS Soil

In october 2009 the first newsletter of the GS Soil project (pdf, 1,8 MB) was issued. The newsletter offers you a brief overview of the content and the current status of the project.
Since 2009 newsletters have been issued on a regularly basis. Check the download area on the GS Soil website for a brief overview!

Call for testing

With the development of the GS Soil Portal the team aims to fulfill needs of different target groups for soil data in Europe. The preliminary GS Soil Portal is offering several services like search, advanced search, view and download of soil data and maps. In the last year of the project the team wants to further develop and improve the Portal. The amount of available data and maps is expected to be increased significantly. Therefore also soil data you are holding in a database are welcome to be linked to the Portal if they comply with Inspire Standards. The Portal can be reached here.